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This 10-year-old’s interview with her cat Coco is hilarious

An adorable interview of a girl and her cat is doing the rounds on the net. The kid and her conversation with her feline friend is quite sassy and teaches us how to pet a cat briefly.

10-year-old Gabi Duane interviewed her cat, Coco. The imaginary conversation of the kid with her feline friend Coco is quite lively and full of spirit.

Gabi interviewed Coco on where she could pet her and Coco seems to be very clear about her preferences. Their interesting conversations were written on a piece of paper and was later shared by her father on Twitter.

Gabi’s father Paul Duane from Ireland had posted the handwritten note on his Twitter account saying: “My kid did an interview with her cat.”

The interview teaches us how to pet a cat. Humans who have no idea about petting a cat are sure to learn a lot from this interview. Also, the young writer lays great emphasis on the importance of consent in the interview.

Although cats are fine with petting them on the head and back, but Coco clearly says “YOU-ARE-FORBIDDEN-TO-EVER-TOUCH-MY-TUMMY” when asked to rub her stomach.


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